Throwing shade on your lips this Winter season!

The E-ssential Luxe Blog #2

I do not know about you but I am a lipstick collector. A serious one. I have a lipstick for every outfit, whether business, formal, or casual, such that it makes a statement. Lipstick color speaks of my mood and so I suppose I have many moods. It does not matter to me whether lipstick is categorized from the department store, drug store, or online boutiques. Color is color, texture is texture, and how it all blends together is what matters most to me. There are glorious colors and blends of lipstick most everywhere you wish to purchase. However, finding the right lipstick shade for the moment is truly worth the pursuit!

Top line (left to right): #364 Hot Pink Ruby, #314 Ruby Star, #214 Rosewood Ruby, #481 Pigeon Blood Ruby. Center: #03 Kiss Me Ruby

Lancôme just recently introduced the L’absolu Rouge Ruby Cream Lipstick which is described as a long-lasting lipstick that is richly pigmented and hydrating, inspired by red rubies and designed with a crystal-shaped bullet for precise application. Wow, put a bullet to your lips!

These colors appear to be formulated and designed to compliment any skin tone, and I agree. They apply smoothly, and feel hydrating, and yet color pigmented, but not matte, but not sheer. It is a creamy texture and feels wonderful. Mostly, the colors are beautiful. I think anyone can wear these now during the Winter season, but even in the springtime as well.

You can purchase these Lancôme lipsticks at most department stores, including Ulta Beauty and Dillard’s. I purchased these lipsticks at Neiman Marcus and the link is provided here:

I hope you enjoy throwing shade on your lips with Lancôme L’absolu Rouge Ruby Cream Lipsticks!

Happy Winter!

Apollolina Luxe

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Theology of Beauty 101

The E-ssential Luxe Blog #1

Luxuriant essentials of beauty

Today’s blog is entitled “Theology of Beauty 101” and is an introduction to my personal perspective on beauty. Beauty and the beautiful have been around for thousands of years. Throughout the ages women have used lotions and potions to create a personal beauty regimen that has continued through this day.

I am a theologian often writing and thinking theologically regarding just about everything. On this blog it is about beauty, lifestyle, and career. Instead, I have a theology on these particular interests I wish to share with the becoming Lady. I say “becoming” because a refined and elegant woman continues to grow and mature throughout her life. She sees herself not only as what she was, but as she is, and who she wishes to become. She is in the state of becoming who she is purposed, meant and desiring to be, that is a Lady.

Beauty began to interest me in my early twenties. Since that time I have continued to indulge in beauty essentials from bath, body, hair, makeup, skincare, and fragrance. During this time my interests have evolved but at the core my preferences have remained the same. I love my essentials at the drugstores, boutiques, and exclusive department stores.

However, luxuriant beauty essentials do not truly make beauty. They stand in bare contrast to the woman they are created to adorn. Of course they can enhance and improve the outwardly appearance into a striking or sultry looking woman. At times a physically beautiful woman, or as my mother would say “a natural beauty” is not in need of beauty application on the exterior. In this regard, there is no guarantee that the exterior beauty will stand the test of time. Physical beauty fades. How a woman fades with it is up to her and her internality.

On it’s own, the beauty of a woman stands alone.

Thank you for joining me!


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